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Master the HCCP in 1,2,3

Wed-Thurs, November 18th-19th
@ 12:00PM ET-5PM ET daily

For those new to the industry as well as experienced persons, you can Master the HCCP in 1,2,3 at this 2-day, comprehensive Tax Credit Workshop. This workshop covers all the federal regulations of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC). The class is web-based and covers 10-hours of Specialized Knowledge for Continuing Education hours. The class also covers the hours needed for the HCCP designation.

Whether you're looking to take the HCCP exam or you're new to the industry and need an extensive LIHTC course, this is the Zoom to attend! We will be learning the history of the program as well as what it takes to qualify a household, what income and assets are, who is a student and so much more.
The 2-day, 10-hour training will be web-based starting at 12PM ET each day.

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These webinars are detailed and long enough to meet the requirements set forth by NASBA for accredited continuing education hours.

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November 10th @ 1pm ET
1.5 CE hours $30
Paid Webinar
What does marking the box for question 8b on the 8609 mean? What does marking, or NOT marking that box do and how does it affect your property?
This box affects how mgmt deals with:
Minimum set-aside
NAU Rule
Join me to learn how important it is to know how each building's 8609 is marked for question 8b. We will review the compliance rules and protocols for each of the above circumstances.
Web-based 1.5hrs
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November 17th at 1PM
The Developer holds the umbrella under which the architects, builders, attorneys, management, lawn service and SO many more, are under. The Developer make guarantees and must fulfill those for the length of the tax credit period. In this session we'll step into the shoes of the Developer and their many responsibility hats.
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