Beyond HUD and RD
Beyond Monitoring & Reporting

Preferred Compliance offers a team of experts in additional services related to Federally Funded programs like HUD and RD, including MINC, TRACS, EIV, Special Claim Processing, and HUD Utility Allowance calculation. Our compliance professionals can not only submit monthly compliance reports to TRACS and MINC for your monthly processing, but they can also track eligibility for special claim processing filing each month and complete annual rent and UA adjustments. Our team of experts can also automatically process and review monthly and quarterly EIV reports, and assist with any discrepancy resolution to ensure all issues are promptly resolved.

Our Approach

There is more to HUD and RD properties than monitoring tenants' income eligibility. Just like LIHTC and other affordable housing programs, monthly reporting and subsidy payment requests can be daunting. Preferred Compliance Solutions offers a team of experts who can assist with required reporting as well as other tasks above and beyond the minimum requirements to put your properties ahead of the curve.


Customized Services

  • Automated EIV system for monthly and quarterly EIV reports, complete with review and assistance of any discrepancies
  • Oversee EIV security as your property's Housing Coordinator (HSC)
  • Vacancy tracking to ensure all units eligible for HUD Special Claim never miss any filing deadlines
  • Taking away the hassle of collecting and computing utility information for HUD Utility Baseline Analysis
  • Review and submission of monthly processing through MINC and/or TRACS


What are the risks of not utilizing EIV in its entirety?
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Why should I file Special Claim for my property ?
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Do I need security training prior to review EIV information, even if I do not have access to the EIV system?
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What is my deadline for monthly MINC tenant transmission ?
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Is Asset verification always required regardless of the asset value for my HUD and/or RD properties?
For RD properties, all assets reported by the household must be verified regardless of value. However, that is no longer the case for properties with Project-Based Section 8! Effective March 12th, 2018, HUD released an Interim Final Rule allowing tenants with assets below $5000 to utilize a family's Declaration of Assets at recertification. Third-party verification of all family assets is still required at move-in or initial certification and every 3 years thereafter.

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