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Because you deserve your applicants to become and remain your tenants, Preferred Compliance Solutions offers the industry’s fastest and most reliable compliance review turnaround time. While others may try to offer same-day results, recent surveys show Preferred Compliance has the most reliable solution. Our same-day and reliable results help your properties stay in compliance and pass all audits. Our constant care and compliance support will keep your leasing office running smooth and optimized for future file reviews.

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NextGen eFile Access

Preferred Compliance Solutions’ Next Generation eFile Access review system is the preferred solution for LIHTC, Section 8, and other affordable housing compliance file reviews. It is where properties collaborate the entire review process with compliance professionals. Files are uploaded, corrections are found, and final results are received—all with instant communication with a compliance professional and access to an unlimited knowledge base. We provide reports to show how well we’re doing to make your applicants your tenants as soon as possible.

Same-day & Reliable Results

  • Instant chat with compliance professionals
  • Detailed corrections with a teaching approach
  • File review compliance that will pass any audit
  • Compliance consulting in all aspects of file review

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need my files reviewed by a tax credit compliance review team?
1. A third-party tax credit compliance review team offers a non-biased assessment of each file reviewed, ensuring full compliance before an applicant moves in.

2. The compliance review team is trained to advise your property in meeting particular state requirements to keep your property and its files in compliance.

3. A compliance consultant understands how complex affordable housing compliance can be. The compliance consultant is a vital team member who works to help your property maintain ongoing compliance.   
How long will it take to get a LIHTC re-certification reviewed?
Re-certifications are reviewed within 2-3 business days. Initial certifications are typically reviewed the same day if uploaded prior to 4:00 pm (EST). Avoid late re-certifications by responding to the first notice to re-certify 120 days before the due date.
Does the LIHTC program or IRS require tenants to be United States citizens?
No. The IRS has not specified citizenship requirements for the LIHTC program.
When do I add a person to the TIC?
The tenant income certification form (TIC) is used to determine maximum income eligibility for a LIHTC and other affordable housing household. Any time there is a new household member in a affordable housing unit, add the new household member to the most recent TIC and verify income and assets just like an initial move-in.
My property has 100 percent LIHTC units at 60 percent AMGI. I have several tenants’ incomes that are now over 140 percent of AMGI. Can I force the tenants to move to another property to open housing for low-income applicants on our waiting list?
No. Tenants who initially qualified for a LIHTC unit at the time of move-in have a right to live at the property regardless of their current income.