What Does It Do?

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What Does It Do?
  • Create and print property-specific rent and income sheets (RIS)
  • Compare the Fair Market Rate (FMR) with HOME Low and High Rents
  • Calculate the best and most accurate rent and income limits in designated rural areas
  • Discover optimal income limits for your recent place-in-service property
  • Display HOME rent and income limits
  • Compute applicable limits for Income Averaging (IA) set-asides and so much more!..
Our commitment to you is to have those available and our Rent and Income Calculator revised and ready to go within 48 hours of their annual release

Fast & Accurate Compliance Results Guaranteed

Our team of experts guarantees the latest, most accurate affordable housing solutions you need to ensure your business thrives. We've had over 25 years of experience partnering with companies to establish and maintain their compliance in this competitive industry.

Let us help you stay ahead with the most reliable, up-to-date resources and services on the market, including:

  • Same day file review
  • Industry leading NextGen System
  • Automate utility tracking and RIS calculation for our ongoing partners

We Precede The Competition

Preferred Compliance Solutions is an automated, leading, national compliance monitoring, auditing, and advisory firm placed in service in all 50 states. Our nationally recognized specialists are eager to help your business succeed with the widest range of available services on the market.


Because you deserve ongoing affordable housing compliance, Preferred Compliance Solutions offers an inexpensive monitoring program to protect your investment. Our services help keep your property in complete compliance so you care for your tenants.


Because you deserve the best compliance reporting, Preferred Compliance Solutions works closely with your property staff to see that all reports are completed according to specific LIHTC and affordable housing agency standards.


Because you deserve fast, reliable file reviews, Preferred Compliance Solutions’ NextGen eFile review is the industry's preferred solution for LIHTC and other affordable housing certifications and


Because you deserve the best training options to keep on top of all things Affordable Housing, we offer the best selection of on-demand and in person training classes.  Join us weekly for our free Lunch & Learn and Free Friday webinars, or browse our many paid training options.


Because you deserve detailed and reliable site inspections, Preferred Compliance Solutions offers professional, unobtrusive onsite UPCS inspections to keep your property in top shape and avoid non-compliance risk.


Because you deserve to pass an audit, Preferred Compliance Solutions assists in preparing files and documents for an audit. We can also represent the owner on the day of audit to support your staff during the auditing process.

You're in the Most Capable Hands.

Our highly trained and certified professionals, with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, are equipped and excited for the opportunity to partner with you and your team! The multi-family affordable housing industry is a complex one, but we’ve got you covered. With a team of nationally recognized Vice Presidents leading our four primary divisions, there’s no telling what we can do to help your organization. Leave your information below, and a member of our Sales & Marketing team would love to give you a FREE, personalized site consultation.