Simple & easy to use

Next Generation
Rent & Income Calculator

NextGen Calculator
Simple & Easy to use

Next Generation
Rent & Income Calculator

Preferred Compliance Solutions’ Next Generation Rent and Income Calculator is the ultimate tool to calculate HUD HOME and LIHTC rent and income limits, Section 8 income limits, LIHTC income averaging, LIHTC rent limits with utility allowance reductions, and much more. The NextGen Calculator is a free service to keep your property running smoothly.

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Next Generation Possibilities

With the NextGen Calculator, you can

  • Create and print property specific rent and income sheets (RIS)
  • Chart recent AMGI trends
  • Compare the Fair Market Rate (FMR) with HOME Low and High Rents
  • Calculate the best rent and income limits in designated rural areas
  • Discover optimal income limits for your recent place-in-service property
  • Display HOME rent and income limits
  • Compute applicable limits for Income Averaging (IA) set-asides
  • And much more