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The Best compliance program and services the industry can offer.  We provide reliable compliance solutions at an affordable cost to you

Review of Compliance Program

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your compliance program? We can help you achieve your goals by conducting a thorough review of your current program. You will have access to hundreds of years of combined compliance experience by engaging one of our compliance professionals. We review your compliance policies and procedures and offer continual training.

Regulatory Guidance by Professionals

Getting instant answers to your questions has never been easier! When using any of our services, you will have a pool of nationally recognized compliance professionals available to instant chat with you and your staff. They are also available by phone, email, text messaging, or web conferencing.

State Audit Assistance

We can help you prepare for an audit by having one of our compliance professionals review files and prepare all other related items prior to the date of the audit. This includes and is not limited to desk or on-site file reviews, resident services, reports, and others.

Compliance Reports

Program required reports and others could be completed or reviewed by our compliance professionals. We will also make available to owner or owner’s representatives individual detailed reports of non-compliance findings generated by file review. Reports are created in a format easy to read and follow. Reports are posted and accessible by visiting our E-File Members Web Access. Our compliance professionals can also ensure that property staff make the necessary corrections.

Manuals & Forms

Our compliance program could become your management compliance policies and procedures. To better serve you, we will have available to your staff an array of compliance tools including compliance forms and manuals customized to your company’s needs and professional appearance. These can include your company or property logo and will always be accessible via the web.

eFile Access

Submitting files for review and receiving corrections and results has never been more easy and reliable than with our eFile Web Access, accessible 24 hours 7 days a week from anywhere in the world at no additional cost. All properties submitting files are given access to this members’ only web section. As an owner or management company you will also have access, can view and manage the entire compliance application review process of your portfolio.

Site Inspections

Once units are randomly selected, our compliance professionals complete a physical inspection to ensure compliance with Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) and building codes. In addition, we pay particular attention to the building’s exterior, amenities, signage, and others that could put the owner’s interest at risk when it relates to the physical condition to ensure compliance with applicable program regulatory agreements.

On-Going Monitoring

It is as if having your own compliance department when retaining Preferred Compliance Solutions and its pool of nationally recognized compliance professionals to monitor your properties on an on-going basis. Not only is it more cost effective, but it gives your property access to all of our services at no extra charge. We will further customize each service to better fit your current compliance needs.

File Reviews

Same Day Results on Initial Certification files. Electronically, or at property location, our compliance professionals are available to review 100%, or a portion, of your current LIHTC, Section 8, or other affordable housing program unit files. We will provide you with a findings report, including advice on how to place files back in compliance in a format that provides continual training to your staff. We can also review outstanding corrections and issue a final property status report.

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