Kelly Wakefield, VP of Asset Management

Preferred Compliance Solutions, Inc.


Kelly Wakefield,Vice President of Asset Management

Preferred Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Kelly Wakefield joined the Preferred Compliance Solutions, Inc. in 2005. Starting as a Compliance Specialist, she was instrumental to the idea and development of tools and procedures that now allow us to review files paperless. She quickly became a valued member of our team where she is now a Senior Portfolio Manager.

Kelly has been nationally recognized by the National Association of Home Builders as a Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP). Her gregarious, yet detail-oriented personality has made her a perfect fit for assisting lenders, syndicators and developers of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) industry all over the United States.

As a Portfolio Manager, Kelly has developed interactive online LIHTC training and assisted multiple companies in designing compliance programs in an effort to ensure compliance and protect tax credits. Staying on top of the latest industry news is a priority for Kelly as she monitors income and rent limits, attends various state training, as well as does monthly and annual reporting for owners and developers. As a result of this experience, Kelly is able to be placed anywhere in the nation and quickly become a liaison between syndicators, owners and the property management team.

Kelly received her Associate of Arts degree from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southern Virginia University. After residing in France and Bulgaria, she loves to brush up on her language skills and enjoys traveling. After living the majority of her life on the East Coast, she currently telecommutes from our Utah office and relishes in exploring this part of the United States.

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